Web/Social Media

Whether you need a full-blown website or a sharply-focused blog, relying on Lou Antosh and associates to create your web presence will launch an intense work effort designed to grab attention for your products and/or services. Please consider the range of our abilities. As the waiter at one of our clients might ask, “You Want a Sandwich or a Soup-to-Nuts Meal? Take Your Pick.” Smaller Content Assignments are hardly above us.  We’ve supplied health-related copy to this client. https://livepast100well.com/author/latosh314b/

We created this medium-sized website above for a famous New York deli with a huge menu and great-looking food. The owners had no preconceived notion of what to say, so we dug into the business, interviewed the principals and created this robust site with human interest and even some humor. https://pjbernstein.com/

The Whole Nine Yards Website Treatment

A busy New York Sleep Treatment Center was so focused on its patients that it had no staff to provide details on the diagnostic and treatment issues it wanted on a new website. Lou Antosh and his design associates went to work, doing deep dive research to produce detailed copy about the many sleep conditions treated at the center’s patients of all ages. http://www.nymetrosleep.com/

Our Approach to Social Media, Blogs
And Other Digital Communications

While websites serve as the primary digital touchstones that teach the public who you are and what you do, web-based tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs and others, are the moving streams of data inviting consumers to dip in for fresh looks at your company.

But isn’t Facebook fading? Don’t try to sell that idea to megacorp Proctor and Gamble and the 
5,676,963 followers on its P&G Facebook page.

Lou Antosh and his associates apply one overriding principle to all Social Media platforms. Whatever digital outlet you choose and whatever we provide, the content must be interesting, fresh and applicable to your audiences. Once-a-week social media offerings result in stagnant pages that usually disappear. Let us guide your entry into those platforms.