I was sitting in our backyard last night, taking in all the work that was done and I felt compelled to say Thank You!

Mark, never in my wildest imagination did I think my yard would ever look the way it does now. It is classy, it is elegant, it is absolutely beautiful. You, Joe, Victor, AJ and the rest of your crew are absolutely wonderful to work. It felt more like a partnership rather than a contractor/customer relationship. You personally guided us through the design process including the color of the pavers, the size of the pavers, the color of the pool liner (even though your company did not do the liner replacement), the landscape design – you guided us through absolutely every aspect of this project. Every one of your suggestions proved to be right and in the end we are absolutely thrilled with outcome.

You are an artist and the landscape is your canvas.

Thank you (& thanks for the soup – delicious)!”