Whatever the Product, Whatever the Medium,
the Secret is Simple – Don’t Bore Them!

The public craves simplicity and clarity in communications. The examples below typify how Lou Antosh and his associates dish it out.

Client: A new food retailer needed to tickle taste buds and trigger traffic.
Sample below: Catchy headline and first paragraph of published pitch:

Why Are Tacos Folded?

To Save Space In This Terrific Tex-Mex Powerhouse

YOU OPEN the red front door at our new favorite taco place, and it takes only three steps to get to the counter. Do NOT take six steps or you will be in position to clean the pots and pans in the sink at your hip. “Spacious” does not apply to Ma & Pa’s Tex-Mex BBQ factory in Rancocas Woods, but don’t be fooled. “Delicious” hangs around all day long.

Client: New York City Sleep Center needed comprehensive web content to pull in potential patients.
Sample below: First of rotating images to grab attention for robust medical site Lou Antosh delivered.

The ABC’s to Successful Content

Ask First

Beware vendors who walk in with a suitcase full of answers. Our news reporting background taught us to ask all questions required to understand your business, your communications needs and your goals for the upcoming project.

Build Together

We don’t need our hands held, but you may need continual updating and feedback as we work to complete your communications program on the agreed-upon date. Sometimes needs change mid-stream, so continue check-ins can be helpful without being a bother.

Carry Through

Ever deal with vendors who present deliverables and then become unreachable? We’ve been so annoyed by vendors ourselves, which is why our team will always be ready to discuss finalized pitches and make sure they perform.

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